10 Reasons to Workout this Winter

By on November 28, 2018

It’s cold outside. Cold and dark. Not exactly inviting is it?

Leaving our nice warm homes to exercise in the Winter months isn’t at the top of anyone’s priority list. As the days draw in and temperatures drop, most people would be tempted to hang up the exercise gear and hibernate, but Winter is actually the best time of year to work out!


ONE – Summer bodies are made in Winter

Think of that holiday to Ibiza that you’re already looking forward to. Do you want to look incredible around the pool or at Ocean Beach Club? Then you need to start hitting the gym now! We all know that change isn’t going to happen overnight, but with 6 months to go, imagine the body that you could have if started working out this Winter.

TWO – Comfort food can be your friend!

During the Summer months, our bodies are perfectly happy with salads and lighter dishes, but as soon as Winter comes around, our bodies crave comfort foods (not forgetting those heart-warming desserts). Working out in Winter means that you can fill yourself up with incredible Protein Porridge for breakfast, comforting casseroles and have the occasional crumble to top it all off. You’ll also have some extra energy for your next session, as well as feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

THREE – Beat those Winter blues!

According to, and proven by, the NHS – exercise is beneficial for our mental health. Going for a run, bike ride or gym session will work against SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) like you wouldn’t believe. Simply put, exercise will combat those Winter blues, reduce stress levels and generally make us happier people. Smiles all round!

FOUR – Combat the Christmas Bulge

Christmas is the most difficult time of year to keep on track and stay healthy. It’s said that most adults eat an outstanding 6,000 calories on Christmas Day – that’s three times the recommended daily allowance for a female. By working out over the Winter months, you are actively combating all of the indulgences that just seem to happen between Christmas and New Year. And what better excuse to have when offered that tin of sweets than ‘I’ve been for a run, so it’s OK!

FIVE – Improved Immunity

We need all of the help we can get to stay healthy over Winter, when germs are readily circulating around the office or being brought home by our children. Regular exercise improves the cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation.

SIX – Get Out of the House

The Winter months are full of #TeamStayingIn – whether your friends are saving up for the Christmas period, or super-skint afterwards. Use a Winter workout as a perfect excuse to get out of the house. And guess what? The sofa will be even more comfortable when you get back! 

SEVEN – Empty Gyms! (well, mostly)

An empty gym is always a great sight!

An empty gym is always a great sight!

There is only one part of Winter where you will come across a jam-packed gym. January the 1st, and 3 or 4 weeks afterwards, is the hardest time for any regular gym goer. Full-to-the-brim car parks, not a free treadmill in sight and a waiting list for every class on the timetable. Any other time though, you’ll have the most comfortable gym session ever. Free machines everywhere, and like minded people working out around you. Make the most out of it!

EIGHT – You Don’t Have to Leave the House

If you don’t fancy going out in the cold or heading down to the gym, then there are plenty of things that you can do you at home. There are tonnes of YouTube videos showing home work-outs, and with your favorite tunes blasting through your speakers, there’s no excuse for not working out in Winter.

NINE – You’ll Burn More Calories

If you DO decide to brave the cold and head outside for your Winter work out, then you’ll be pleased to know that you actually burn more calories when exercising out in the cold. It takes more energy to warm up the body, and you are way more likely to push harder to keep your temperate up when it’s a bit chilly.

TEN – Be an Inspiration!

All of your friends and family will be looking towards that New Years resolution to start working out. But why not beat the crowds and be an inspiration to everyone by working out ALL Winter. You’ll be three months ahead of the game, three months healthier, and three months happier. People will be asking for advice and copying your regime. How incredible will that make you feel?

There are a tonne of reasons why working out in Winter is the right thing to do, and I hope that my top ten list will encourage a kick-start to your Winter work out regime. Remember – it’s down to you to make it happen. Show everyone what you can do!

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