Double Choc Chip Protein loaf

By on November 28, 2018

Feast your eyes on this double choc chip protein loaf.  Quick and easy treat that can keep you filled up for days!

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Created by Gary Riley @macrogaz


170g Wholewheat Bread Flour

2 Scoops of GN Whey Protein 80 (Any flavour)

2 tsp Baking Powder

10g Powdered Sweetener/Stevia equivalent

1tsp Cinnamon

pinch of Salt

150ml Water

2 Egg Whites

10-20g of GN  80% Dark Chocolate Callets



Grease and Pre-heat a loaf tin at 170c (Fan)

Sift together all the dry ingredients.  Blend all wet ingredients together

Add the wet to the dry in a mixer and mix well

Pour into a pre-heated tin. Bake for 40mins or until a toothpick comes out clean

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