How To Exercise With No Time

By on December 2, 2018

One of the main reasons that people don’t exercise is due to having no time, and by having no time what they really mean is they choose to make no time!

The assume that to lose weight they need to be signed up to a state of the arts gym and have a personal trainer that guides them religiously with time consuming workouts throughout the week.

But what if we told you we could reduce the amount of time that you need to exercise for and still stay in shape? Here’s our top tips to exercising with ‘no’ time!

Exercise At Home

We’re going to cut out one of the main time consuming factors about working out – the commute to the gym which is usually around the after work rush hour traffic. Instead use your gym as your home, and here’s some tips of just how and when you can do that!

Waiting for dinner to cook

You’ve just put the stew on to simmer or the lasagna in the oven, what now? This is the perfect time to get to work and make use of those 20 minutes! Have you tried doing steps up the stairs or a circuit in your hallway that involves, push ups, burpees and squats?

Watching TV

TV time is time to relax and unwind, and you can do just that with your exercising! Take a yoga mat into the living room and use it as your time to stretch out and release tension from those muscles. And if yoga isn’t quite your thing, there’s no excuse to not get to work on those abs!

Waiting for your bath to run

Whilst you’re waiting for your bath to run, start working up those sets of squats that you can increase day by day. This short intense workout will have your glutes burning on another level!

Wake Up Earlier

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and make use of the free time! Why not stick a workout DVD on or go for a morning jog? Not only will you feel more awake but your energy levels will be set high for the day.

Cut Down On Transportation

We’re not telling you to cut down on transportation all together, but why not get off the tube/bus one stop earlier? Not only will the walk freshen up your mornings but you’ll be making time for exercise without having to give up any of yours!

Move Whilst You Wait

Waiting for your coffee at the coffee shop? Need to sit down to send some emails? It’s time to start doing those calf raises and butt clenches at your desk! (a little like Chandler Bing)

Keeping Your Nutrition In Tact

If you can’t workout as much as you’d like, it’s imperative that you keep your nutrition in tact so that you’re not over or under eating for your desired goal. What can you take on a daily basis?

  • Fresh Meals – great to save time and track your macros
  • Multivitamins – male or female multivitamins are available to support your immune function and energy levels
  • Protein Whey Isolate 90 – lean muscle and fat loss protein with low carbs, fat and lactose
  • Pro Crunch Bar – because if you want a tasty treat you might as well make it a nutritious one too!


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