Summer Training Outdoors

By on June 2, 2016

Summer is here and (hopefully) some warm, sunny weather! If you have lost a bit of motivation over the colder months, the summer offers up lots of options to help get you back on track.

The brighter evenings make exercising outdoors much more appealing and can provide a welcome change of scenery from your usual sweaty, packed out gym. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite outdoor activities to help keep you lean this summer:

  • Power walking, running or cycling outdoors are a great ways to improve fitness and get active! Maybe you could pop out in your lunch break for a power walk or start cycling to work?
  • Boot camps, many parks around the UK now have boot camps to suit all popping up. So, if you want to have the motivation of an instructor to push you , take yourself along to an outdoor class.
  • Other outdoor classes – some areas have mum & pram classes, outdoor yoga, tai chi etc. Check out what’s available locally to you.
  • Swimming might not seem appealing in the cold winter months but as summer comes along it’s a great all round exercise that keeps your blood flowing and your muscles working!
  • Sports training – Most athletics tracks, football pitches and leisure centres have recreational clubs for people to get involved in. So if there’s a sport you have done in the past or something new you want to try, why not give it a go?

Summer Training

Let’s be real, if the temperature gets into double figures then it is safe to visit the beach.

Summer Training Tips

Exercising outdoors has the added benefit of topping up your vitamin D from sunlight, which can boost your immune system, helps your body absorb calcium and many other minerals as well as being important for a variety of health benefits! Just be sure to protect your skin from too much exposure to UV rays!

Its also important to think about safety when exercising outdoors, so if out on your own, it’s a good idea not to have headphones on, be aware of your surroundings, reflective accessories / clothes are also worth considering if exercising near roads.

Other considerations when exercising outdoors in the summer months – choose suitable breathable clothing, suitable footwear and stay well hydrated especially if the temperature heats up! Electrolytes, coconut or an intra workout like Amino Go are perfect for exercising in warmer weather.

Going on holiday? It might be in your interest to stay fit to help balance out the extra ice cream and cocktails. It’s easy to build some activity into your holiday even if the hotel doesn’t have a gym. Swimming in the hotel pool, a run along the beach or a good long walk while doing some sightseeing will all help you keep your fitness up while you enjoy the summer holidays!

So embrace the summer and switch up your usual routine with some outdoor training!


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