How To Survive The Bank Holiday Binge

By on August 24, 2017

The bank holiday can often be seen as a time to party, over-indulge and enjoy that extra day off work. However, it’s often done at the expense of your hard-earned physique, moving your goals further into the distance.

Luckily, we’ve created a bank holiday survival checklist to help you come out of the other end feeling fresh and ready to smash the week!

1. Intermittent Fasting

Nobody wants to be alienated as ‘the fitness freak’ that refuses to drink alcohol or eat any kind of junk food at a party just because it does not fit their macros. Therefore, intermittent fasting can prove to be a very effective method of ensuring you do not exceed your daily calories intake.

All you need to do is consume no calories throughout the day before your night out or party. Drink only water, diet soda or black coffee. This way, the junk food and liquid calories that you intake in the evening will be less damaging as you will remain within your daily calorie allowance. 

2. Stock Up On The Correct Supplements

A good detox can always work wonders, so make sure that you’re prepared. A multivitamin has an antioxidant effect which will help to reduce your hangover, helping to get you back on your feet quicker. We offer both male and female multivitamin options. Another supplement that possesses powerful antioxidant properties is Green Tea Extract. Importantly, Green Tea has been shown to be effective for cleansing the liver of certain toxins.

Fancy a lengthy bender that spans the majority of the weekend? Then look no further than our newly revamped Volt Preworkout 2.0. to give you that extra bit of energy in the gym. Alternatively, our Protein Coffee helps to improve mental and physical performance and packs 21g of protein.

3. Don’t Miss a Workout

It is massively beneficial to ensure that you perform an intense workout prior to your big night out. This way, you will effectively utilise the ‘cheat meal’ as a post-workout refeed. This is due to replenishing the glycogen stores in your fatigued muscles and speeding up the recovery process.

To boost the intensity of your workouts, hit higher rep ranges and shorten rest periods. You may also perform a HIIT workout, which will allow you to increase your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) by working in the anaerobic pathway for longer. Your RMR is the amount of energy you use at rest, which is increased by an elevation of EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) after HIIT.

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