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  • 5 Ways To Add Intensity To Your Workouts

    #1 Intensity booster – Forced reps Force reps are a method that increases the intensity to your workouts by it making you push a set beyond failure. Forced reps are performed by taking a working set to...

    • Posted June 22, 2019
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  • Kettlebells – Why You Should Use Them

    The Russian army have used kettlebells for decades and let’s face it, if it’s good enough for them then it might be worth incorporating into our training! A simple kettlebell circuit with 4 exercises lasting about 20...

    • Posted February 23, 2019
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  • 12 Awesome Exercises That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    If your workout routine is becoming a bit stale, then why not try adding some of these exercise variations in to help take things to the next level… 1. Hack Squats Perfect for – Developing extra definition...

    • Posted January 7, 2019
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  • Tabata Exercises – The Best For Your Workout

    Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training, perfect for people who are short on time. Let’s face it, when it comes to 30 minutes on the treadmill or a quick 5-10 minutes of interval training...

    • Posted January 7, 2018
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  • Fibre
    Fibre Intake And Why It’s Important

    For myself and many other flexible dieters we have a fibre target each day, along with each macronutrient target. The trouble is, too many people pay little attention to their fibre and I would put money on...

    • Posted October 20, 2015
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  • Definitive Top 5 Cable Exercises

    Now I’m sure everyone has their favourite exercises to use on the cable machine as it adds a much needed variation to your workouts and can help break down the muscle fibres in a new and painful...

    • Posted October 14, 2015
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  • 5 Fat Melting Exercises

    I’m going to share with you five of my favourite exercises, which have rightfully earned their place as some of the best fat burning exercises out there. They’re all designed to burn high amounts of calories, so...

    • Posted September 2, 2015
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  • Gaining Muscle With Progressive Overload

    When it comes to gaining muscle and size, progressive overload is the king. Without implementing progressive overload to your training programme, your body will not need to adapt and therefore will not get bigger and stronger. And...

    • Posted April 23, 2015
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