Time Saving Gym Hacks

By on February 26, 2016

We all love a time saving tip or two as time very rarely goes the way we plan it to. In an ideal world we would all have free time to spend with friends down the pub or family, but sometimes work gets in the way. Say your boss asks you to stay late at the office and suddenly that hour you had saved for the gym is gone.


45 minutes is the optimum time to use the gym for but for some of us with a busy lifestyle that is far easier said than done. There is still hope for us though – here are a few training methods that tick two important boxes;

1 – They make you sweat

2 – Keep under 20 minutes long


Below I am going to go into detail the ways in which you can save time and also some sample workouts for you to use.


1 – Supersets

By doing one exercise back to back with another (doing a bench press followed by a pec fly for example) saves time as there is no rest period in between.

Supersets can also be done with two alternating muscle groups so if you are doing arms you can do a bicep exercise followed by a tricep exercise or when doing legs you can do a squat followed by a lunge.


2 – HIIT (High intensity interval training)

This is a killer and works well. When on the treadmill do 30 seconds sprinting followed by 30 seconds rest and repeat as many times as you can. You can shorten the rest period but I wouldn’t advise increasing the work part as any more than 30 seconds and your not working at your peak.

Remember these 30 seconds should be intense and around 18 seconds in you should be dying. If you didn’t reach the point where you were exhausted, increase the intensity or speed for the next interval.


3 – Tabatta

Similar to HIIT but this time you do 20 seconds exercise and rest for 10 seconds usually lasting no more than 4 minutes so 8 rounds in total so these 8 rounds need to be intensive

Any exercise can be done rower or treadmill or even a weights circuit, tabatta and HIIT are great but I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 2-3 of these a week due to the intensive nature of them as it will put strain on your muscles and ligaments and each will need to be followed by a stretch.


4 – Circuit training

Saving the best till last and the easiest circuits are basically one exercise after another with little to no rest and either done to time or reps 

So for example squats followed by press ups followed by a plank 10 reps on each as many rounds as you can do


Example workouts


  • Dumbbell bench press 10 reps followed by 10 reps of dumbbell fly
  • Tricep extension 10 reps followed by 10 press ups
  • Tricep dips 10 reps followed by 10 chin ups
  • Can use the same muscle group or do a completely different one and shock the system



  • Treadmill intervals 30 seconds sprints 20 seconds rest as many intervals as possible
  • Rower intervals 100m fast as possible then 30 seconds rest



  • Squats – Press ups – Lunges – Crunches – Press ups – plank
  • 20 seconds on each exercise with 10 seconds rest between



  • Squats – Press ups – Lunges – Crunches – Press ups – plank
  • 1 minute on each then rest once all have been completed the do 40 seconds on each then 20 seconds on each for an intense workout



After any type of exercise I would highly recommend stretching or doing yoga or plates once or twice a week.

  • Tricep stretch – Bring your right arm across your chest and using your left arm pull it close to your body, hold and reverse for your left arm.
  • Back stretch – Bring your hands together in front of your outstretched arms and lift them up above your head. Reach up and hold.
  • Hamstring stretch – Lying on a mat bring your right leg up straight until you feel the back of your keg tighten and hold that position for around 20 seconds then swap legs. Keep your toes pointed throughout this stretch.
  • Quad stretch – Bring your right foot back up to your bum and hold in that position for between 15 – 30 seconds then swap legs.


All the above training methods and workouts will not only save you precious time at the gym but they will also burn calories. Give them a try and tweak them to suit you – Each one has alternatives and can easily be modified to suit your likes and dislikes at the gym.


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